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About Us

We are one of the leading yoga professionals in Chennai served and imparted lakhs of people for more than a decade. We established our yoga center with two members in the beginning now we groomed as one of the reputed organizations. We have various own centers all over Chennai. We also tied-up with multiple centers across Chennai. We are also planning to extend other districts, states and overseas. Our founder is teaching yoga from 2003 and started his dream yoga center in 2012.
Our designed holistic yoga program is simple, easier and understanding to focus on healthy, happy and relaxed life with the inspiration, devotion and derivation from all siddhas’ extreme power-packed spiritually healing energy which we call MODERN YOGA for modern people. We follow ancient traditional methods of yoga sutra which are originated from father of yoga PATHANJALI and his follower THIRUMOOLAR. We are service-minded and aim to spread yoga all over world for the noble cause of healthy human society.

Our Aim

  • Teach ethical & moral values

  • Create awareness to be healthy, happy & relaxed

  • Provide basic needs to all needy people

  • Establish heavenly world by the power of God

  • Unify all castes, religions and race of world

  • Create perfect, honesty and truthful society

  • Avoid enmity, violence and war in world

  • Set up ideal religion by ideal values

  • Offer free education & medical facility to all

  • Spread yoga to all people of the world

"With yoga, not only your body should become flexible – your mind and emotions, and above all your consciousness should become flexible." – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Yoga Classes

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We have yoga studies across chennai. Find more details for regular days / week ends yoga classes with fee tariff.

Yoga Home Visit

Our yoga trainers are available entire chennai. find more details for yoga session.

Corporate Yoga

Our yoga team is always ready for corporate session anywhere/anyday/anytime.

Testimonial from our Clients

I am very happy to have met you and started my yoga class with you which have helped me a lot in my day to day life. The best things I like about you are----always on time, you know your subject, you are very cooperative and you don't waste time in talking unconnected subjects.

Brij Khandelwal

Electro Group, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

I feel very happy to have joined Global school of Yoga. The class found to be highly useful..everyone can try this then trying some medicines... get relieved from many medical problems... both physically and mentally healthy now...thanx to my yoga master Karpagavalli mam.


Medical College Student, Chennai.

My journey of yoga with Mrs. Karpagavalli - Global school of yoga started in February 2015 and it's been more than a year now. It is very hard to look forward to some physical activity everyday religiously but thanks to my teacher and her motivational attitude I love doing yoga.


Home Maker

I am doing yoga training here for six months. The methods are very easy to follow and are more focused on practical way of imparting which is highly beneficial for all health disorders for both male and female. My experience here in yoga session was fabulous.

N. Malini


I had always been dreading yoga as I thought it would but only be tedious but also something that's but for me. But with Global School of Yoga and Karpagavalli learning was but not only easy and methodical it was also taught with sincerity and dedication!

Archana Subramanian

Chief Sub-Editor, Principal Correspondent, The Hindu.

For past six months I am doing yoga training here. One can experience a wonderful training in GLOBAL SCHOOL OF YOGA. The techniques they use are easy to follow and they are more focused on therapeutically way of teaching which is highly beneficial for elderly people and for other ailments.

Bindhu Babu

Home Maker

About the Founder

Achariya & Yoga Guru P. Ganesh Kumar

M.A(Eng), M.Sc(Psy), M.A(MC & JR), D.Y.T Gold Medalist in Yoga

life researcher, spiritualist, public speaker, social activist, educationist, professor soft skill & life skill trainer

Our worshipful founder Achariya & Yoga Guru P. Ganesh Kumar has an experience of over a decade in teaching Yoga, spreading wisdom and conducting many seminars and conferences. He practiced and taught yoga for several people from 2003 under his Guruji S. Mani Mozhi Elango's Supervision. He also gathered worldly and spiritual knowledge from various yoga gurus of India. His mission is to create good people in the society by teaching great values. He is a man of wisdom, power-house of spirituality and example of simplicity and has healing energy in him who was blessed by the grace of siddhas and God.

"My mission is to spread yoga with spirituality across the globe" - P. Ganesh Kumar


Considering huge demand of yoga training in various fields like personal trainers, school, colleges, yoga studios, community centers etc., we are in need of recruitment of yoga teachers for various sectors. All yoga trainers will be given handsome salary depends upon training session and days by percentage basis. We welcome all kinds of trainers like male, female, experienced, with or without qualification. Please register by filling the form here. We will get in touch with you once we have a requirement.